$75 for a Alaska Rewards Premium Easter Basket ($160 Value)

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Yes, its true Easter is on April 8 and you likely have some special people in your life that should get a wonderful Easter basket this year. But with only a few days left tell Easter you’re going to be left with leftovers at the usual shopping spots. This year Alaska Rewards have you covered, so you can make sure that your Easter basket is as wonderful as the lucky person who receives it. For only $75 you get an Alaska Rewards Premium Easter Basket filled with handcrafted goodies worth $160.

After the deal ends just swing by the Alaska Rewards World Headquarters and get your fantastic basket which includes a large Alaska Wild Berry Products solid milk chocolate Easter bunny, bag of gourmet Alaska Corn Company Easter popcorn, several unique activity books & assorted stickers, (8) 2 ounce containers of premium molding dough in a variety of colors and 8 shape cutters to help get your imagination moving, an awe-inspiring silly straw, 4 premium milk chocolate eggs, an assortment of Nestle & Mars candy bars and pieces, and a large 15” plush Easter Bunny, and all of this inside of a quality wooden basket. Buy it for yourself, your college student, Mom, Dad, Grandparents or that wonderful little tot who just loves the Easter Bunny. It’ll be an Easter they’ll never forget.

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One Response to $75 for a Alaska Rewards Premium Easter Basket ($160 Value)

  1. I was just wondering if this basket is appropriate or suited to give to your sweetheart that is the age of 42. I was curious about the “several unique activity books and assorted stickers as well as the (8) 2 ounce containers of premium molding dough in a variety of colors and 8 shape cutters. I was wondering if you customize a bit as I would like to buy 2 baskets and 1 is for my love bug that is 42 and the other is for a 18 year old. Thank you

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