$5 for the Sharpening of 5 Kitchen Knives from Northern Knives ($15 Value)

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Northern Knives 531 E 5th Ave Anchorage, AK 99501 Phone: (907) 569-1800 website • facebook

Can you believe that it’s already the beginning of November! This year has flown by and Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. One of the highlights of Thanksgiving is carving the turkey. Carving a turkey is something people often shy away from, fearing they’ll make a mess of it. Really, though, it’s a straightforward exercise and you won’t go wrong if you make sure your knife is sharp. This is perhaps the most important rule in turkey carving. A dull knife will tear rather than cut, leaving your meat looking ragged and unappealing. More than this, though, it will make your work far more frustrating and difficult than it needs to be. With today’s Alaska Rewards offer from Northern Knives get 5 of your kitchen knives, of any size, professionally sharpened for only $5, a $15 value.

Northern Knives is Alaska’s largest full-service knife store, stocking thousands of factory and custom knives, axes, tools, and unique Alaskan edges and gifts. They buy, sell, and trade all things knife related, plus a little more.  Their store in Anchorage is the largest, full-service, knife store west of the Mississippi.  They have Alaska and Outside custom blades, automatics, hard-to-find and unique pieces, factory products, and almost everything else.  Being a full-service retail/wholesale store with an active shop, bring your knives in for sharpening will also allow you to get expert advice on how to care for your blades.

It's a done Deal!
Price: $5
Value: $15
Savings: 67% Off
Time Left To Buy
17 buyers

The deal is on!

What You Get

  • Just in time for Thanksgiving!
  • 5 Kitchen Knives sharpened any size
  • Only $1 a Knife to bring it back from the dull!

Fine print

Expires Dec 1, 2011
Limit 1 per person. Not Vaild with any other offer or promotion & no cash back.
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2 Responses to $5 for the Sharpening of 5 Kitchen Knives from Northern Knives ($15 Value)

  1. Charles Coleman Friday, November 4 2011

    When do I get my certificate for the knives E-mailed to me ????

    • The voucher is in your account. Just login and check your account and you will find the voucher there ready to print!

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