$49 for a Facial, Pedicure & Massage at Catelyn’s Place Day Spa ($110 Value)

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Catelyn's Place Day Spa 1108 E Northern Lights Anchorage, AK 99508 Phone: (907) 744-0774 website • facebook

Work can be a hectic place and with only an hour to try and relieve some stress what is a girl to do? With today’s Alaska Reward, Catelyn’s Place Day Spa wants to treat you – or a loved one – with a beautifying package worth $110 for only $49. It includes an Essential Cleansing Facial & Queen’s Pedicure. That’s crazily cool!

First, you’ll undergo a 30 minute “Essential Cleansing” facial, which will have your skin singing. It includes a stimulating treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize. Then let the experts give you a light massage of your scalp and neck to remove stress that may be lingering there. Ooh la la!

Next up is your Queen’s Pedicure. With this hygienic waterless pedicure you will have multiple hot towel wraps applied to your feet, to safely relax and cleanse the work horses of our bodies. After your feet are warm and your pores have opened up its time to start applying essential hot oils along your energy meridians and contact points of the feet to help stimulate and balance the nervous system. The treatment will target stress points, and immune enhancement and inflammatory response.

All this on your lunch break! Then when you head back into the office the stresses of the day don’t seem to be quite as dire as before.

It's a done Deal!
Price: $49
Value: $110
Savings: 55% Off
Time Left To Buy
8 buyers

The deal is on!

What You Get

  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff
  • Waterless Means NO Infections
  • May Use Toward Facial Upgrade
  • One-on-One Personalized Service

Fine print

Expires June 1, 2012
Limit 5 per person. By appointment only. Gratuity not included. No Cash Value. Not valid with any other offer.
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One Response to $49 for a Facial, Pedicure & Massage at Catelyn’s Place Day Spa ($110 Value)

  1. I would really like to purchase this deal but I am concerned about the essential oils. I am highly allergic to lavender, my throat starts to swell and I literally cannot breathe if I even smell it. I know most “relaxation” oils contain lavender, so I have a really hard time being able to go to spas because even if they aren’t used on me, I react to them being used on other people. Do you use a lot of lavender-containing oils in your shop?

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