$25 for a Alaska Rewards Just-In-Time Easter Basket ($52 Value)

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Alaska Rewards 1225 E Intl Airport Rd, Suite 235 Anchorage, AK 99518 Phone: (907) 345-3000 website • facebook

Have you forgotten that Easter is this Sunday? Or maybe been too occupied at work to look at your calendar? If you’re plan is to head over to the box store and pickup a basket, you should be warned that you will be digging through the leftover bin to try and find something at this point. Not to worry though Alaska Rewards has you covered. We got a lot of positive feedback on the last Easter basket deal that we featured. However, we did get a fair bit of comments on wanting a smaller basket but not giving up the high quality products inside. So we set out to solve the impossible and I think we have a winner. We were able to keep a large amount of the products in the basket, including the Alaska Wild Berry Products Easter chocolate and the Alaska Corn Company Easter popcorn. We wound up with a basket that retails for $52 and still able to get it to you for the Alaska Rewards price of $25. Plus, since we are local there are no shipping fees and you can pick it up right from our office. The only down side is there is a very limited number of baskets available and today’s deal is only for 24 hours so you have time to pick up your basket Friday, just in time for Easter Sunday.

After the deal ends just swing by the Alaska Rewards World Headquarters and get your fantastic basket which includes a large Alaska Wild Berry Products solid milk chocolate Easter bunny, bag of gourmet Alaska Corn Company Easter popcorn, an awe-inspiring silly straw, several premium milk chocolate eggs, an assortment of Nestle & Mars candy bars and pieces, and a medium plush Easter Bunny in a assortment of styles, and all of this inside of a quality wooden basket. Buy it for yourself, your college student, Mom, Dad, Grandparents or that wonderful little tot who just loves the Easter Bunny, but don’t forget to buy it quick as this deal is sure to sell out.

It's a done Deal!
Price: $25
Value: $52
Savings: 52% Off
75 buyers

You missed it!

What You Get

  • Premium candy from Alaska Wild Berry Products & Alaska Corn Company
  • Limited quantity of baskets!

Fine print

Expires April 17, 2012
Limit 3 per person. Must pickup baskets by April 17th and can start picking up baskets as early as April 6th.
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