About Us

At Alaska Rewards, we don’t think you should have to pay full price for everything you buy. We also think you deserve the best in quality services that Alaska has to offer – bringing you the very best deals at outrageously low prices, every day. We’ve been the technical arm of a local business (Executive One Alaska) that has been saving Alaskan businesses millions of dollars every year since 1994. We realize that consumers have been left out, so now we are passing some of the savings onto those of you who buy from those Alaskan businesses that we’ve been helping for so long.

We’ve already saved Alaskan businesses well over 50 million dollars and counting, and we expect Alaskan consumer’s savings to quickly surpass those savings within a few short years. You are reading this at a most opportune time – when you can join our group for free and start saving on every Alaska Rewards purchase you make.

How much am I saving here?
Everything featured on Alaska Rewards is 50% – 90% off normal retail prices. How can we do it without compromising on quality? It’s called group buying power, and because of the large amount of buyers (that’s you guys) and our almost 20 years of Alaskan business connections we can offer you the best deals with massive savings. We’d use the term ‘rock bottom’ if it wasn’t such a cliché. In fact, often the deal is so good it sells out – so most people like to subscribe to the daily email so they’ll never miss out.

What kind of stuff does Alaska Rewards offer?
Our Daily Deals range from big discounts on treats and gifts (like beauty services, restaurants, leisure activities, sports and family entertainment) to everyday things (like car servicing, cleaning, professional services and home maintenance). And we’re all about choosing the best locally owned businesses, because we reckon it’s all about supporting Alaskans.

Who benefits from Alaska Rewards?
Everyone! The buyers get great deals at deep discounts. The sellers instantly receive additional customers. Alaska, as unlike national ‘daily deal’ companies, all monies earned stay and are spent in Alaska.

Everyone likes different things, so if there’s something you’d like to see featured on Alaska Rewards, please let us know – that’s what we’re here for. Feel free to contact us any time – we’d love to hear your feedback (good or bad).

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